Security Premium Finance is committed to providing agents with quality service and support allowing agents to not only make the original sale but properly service the account as well. Agents who finance their customers with SPF can rely on our flexibility and support. 
We welcome you to learn about our service by getting to know the individuals who make SPF a great service leader.

Bert Irigoyen, President

Bert founded SPF in 1995 and today finds himself with the good fortune of having the best team in the insurance premium financing market. Bert has over 25 years of experience in senior financial management, real estate development and financial and operational restructuring both in direct management positions and as a consultant in the United States, Europe and Asia. Bert's entrepreneurial experience and extensive financial restructuring skills provide him with a unique set of skills to lead SPF in the sometimes-turbulent Florida Insurance Market.      

Sue Prado, Vice President
Vice President

Sue started her career in insurance in 1978 in Union American and in 1999 joined SPF as its General Manager. Here at SPF, Sue has successfully lead our company providing service to both insured and producers for over 6 years. Her over 25 years experience in the industry provides Sue with skills to manage our business successfully while providing our Agents and Insured the best service in the industry.     

Carlos Prado, Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing – Carlos joined SPF in 2001 as a marketing officer and has been a key driver of the growth of SPF in the local market. The personal service Carlos provides to his agencies is unmatched by any of his competitors. Carlos agencies know that they can count on him to help them protect their current business and grow into the future. 

Roberto Barrueco, Senior Marketing Officer
Senior Marketing Officer

Roberto joined SPF in 2004 after 16 years as Principal and General Manager of Century Premium Finance. His experience and knowledge of the business is unparalleled in the local market. Roberto has fiercely loyal agencies and is a highly respected member of the local insurance premium finance industry. 

Dulce Diaz
Dulce Diaz

Dulce has been working in premium financing for over 15 years. Dulce started with SPF in 2001. Today she handles cancellations of contracts and provides excellent customer service. Her dedication has made her a valuable member of the SPF team. 

Ivonne Ferrer
Ivonne Ferrer

Ivonne started working in premium financing in 1991. She started with SPF in 2000 where she is responsible for data entry of contracts and with her magnificent attitude provides service and assists with both agents and insured.  

Sussette Almaguer
Sussette Almaguer

Sussette has been working in the premium finance industry in Florida for over 14 years. She previously worked with Century Premium Finance an independent Finance Co. Sussette joined SPF in 2004. Her outstanding rapport with agents and insured alike make her an ideal candidate for daily operations. 

Gladys Martinez
Gladys Martinez

Gladys started with SPF in 2004. Her responsibilities include filing, mailing correspondence and general office work. Gladys does an exceptional job in keeping our file room very organized and documents easily accessible.  

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